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We really enjoyed Radio 3’s The Essay in the week leading up to Halloween. Novelist, Andrew Martin shared his thoughts about ghosts and ghost stories in five 15 minute episodes called The Further Realm – his introduction was particularly pertinent for Absent but not Forgotten:

“Anyone who has the dubious pleasure of getting to know me is likely to be asked at some point ‘Have you ever seen a ghost?’. It is not something to be asked of doctrinaire empiricists and sometimes I miscalculate. I once pitched an idea for an article about an apparent haunting to an editor I thought I saw eye-to-eye with, ‘Sorry’ he replied, ‘we are a ghost free zone’. I should have guessed, because he’s also a humour free zone. I’ve never heard from him since. I suppose he assumes I believe in ghosts, which to his mind is like believing in fairies.

Do I believe in ghosts? I certainly believe in, that is to say I appreciate ghost stories whether avowedly fictional or purporting to be factual.

The ghost story writer M.R. James once said: ‘I am prepared to consider the evidence and accept it if it satisfies me’ and that goes for me too; and I enjoy considering the evidence.”

Andrew Martin – The Further Realm: Episode 1 – Radio 3 The Essay first broadcast Monday 26 October 2015



A Dark Dark Night in Roath

Absent but not Forgotten were very pleased to be invited to haunt the recent Made in Roath event, Dark Dark Night Walk on Saturday 18 January, a night-time walk around Roath starting in Roath Park Rec. It was a perfectly cold, crisp evening – we could be spotted at various locations along the route finishing with a re-showing at Spit & Sawdust of our Made in Roath ‘Haunting Places‘ films made in the summer of 2014.

Haunting Places: Roath

Traditional Terror

The third of our thirteenfridays meals.
Tonight’s Menu –
Fearful Fishcakes – 13 Smoked Fishcakes with chili dipping sauce and a mango & chili relish.

Terrifying Toad in the Hole – 13 sausage toad in the hole with 13 roast potatoes, 13 peices of carrot, 13 sliced runner beans, 13 Broccoli florets and 13floz of gravy.

Trembling Trifle – (13 ingredients) brandy, sponge, tinned raspberries, tinned Strawberries, tinned peaches, fresh strawberries, jelly, custard, cream, 13 flake pieces, dark chocolate shavings, 13 fresh raspberries, 13 blueberries.

‘What would Mary Berry say?’ Kirsten Hinks

‘Frankly, I’m just grateful for all this dinner’ Sam Knight