Day one in Conwy

Absent but not Forgotten is having a great time in Conwy! Our work is installed in the courtyard of Plas Mawr – a beautiful Tudor town house in the centre of the town. We’ve been visiting the other artists involved in the festival and enjoying their work too. Blinc Digital Arts Festival is sharing the event with Conwy Food Festival, so the town has been buzzing with people. Come along and visit us if you’re in the area today.

Off to Conwy…

We’re heading to Conwy this morning to install our triptych of films and our sound work in Plas Mawr ready for the blinc Digital Arts Festival this weekend. So excited to see everything in situ and find out what all the other artists will be showing….


Check here for a programme of the weekend’s activities.

The Woomphing Ghost of Plas Mawr

We spent Saturday looking through the footage we shot at Plas Mawr in search of anomalous sounds and visuals from our exploration of the house. The building is full of creaking floorboards and the sounds of an old house settling and shifting, but we did hear one strange thing coming from a chimney which was at a very low frequency so only audible when we compressed the sound…we’ve christened it The Woomphing Ghost of Plas Mawr and it came from the chimney in The Lantern Room where the ghost of Dr Dick is said to haunt…hmmm…

We want your Conwy ghost stories!

As part of our project with blinc Digital Arts Festival we are looking for stories about paranormal and spooky experiences you might have had or heard about in Conwy. We are interested to hear about the traditional ghost stories of the town, but we’d particularly like to hear about what has happened to you, your friends and family.

Have you seen or heard a ghost? Experienced any strange phenomena such as things moving on their own, untraceable noises, the feeling of an unexplainable presence? Do you know any anecdotal stories about ghosts or hauntings in Conwy?

You can email us with your stories and images or by leaving us a comment on the stories page.

If you are available during the weekend of blinc Digital Arts Festival 22 & 23 October, we’d like to be able to conduct some interviews for our archive, so please let us know.


Plas Mawr was built in C1585, the town house of merchant, Robert Wynne and the wives from 2 marriages, both called Dorothy. The building is kept and furnished in Tudor style by CADW. It is a stunningly beautiful property. The first time we visited I particularly noticed all the little passageways, doors and stairways threading throughout the house. It’s a slightly more daunting prospect to walk through the house after dark, but that’s what we did on Sunday night in the company of Plas Mawr’s resident ghost tour organiser, Rhian.

Rhian dresses the part in her floor length grey cloak and hood and is essentially intent on scaring the bejesus out of you. I consider myself quite hardcore these days – but she still managed to make me jump a few times. We filmed in night vision throughout the house.

blinc road trip…

We began the project in earnest and headed up the A470 from west Wales to Conwy on Sunday, it was raining (obviously), it was unreasonably early and my car had broken down so we were in a borrowed one. We had access to Plas Mawr on Sunday night to begin shooting footage and capturing sound for the project – so we were fully kitted up and feeling excited.

Just outside Machynlleth at Dyfi Junction, the windscreen wipers started to play up and we had to pull over and wait for the AA…an omen? Well, maybe – but the AA man was lovely and he fixed us up nicely ready for the onward journey. We got there in good time to get set up and intrigued to meet Rhian, the ghost tour lady for the venue who was going to show us around…in the dark.