We want your Conwy ghost stories!

As part of our project with blinc Digital Arts Festival we are looking for stories about paranormal and spooky experiences you might have had or heard about in Conwy. We are interested to hear about the traditional ghost stories of the town, but we’d particularly like to hear about what has happened to you, your friends and family.

Have you seen or heard a ghost? Experienced any strange phenomena such as things moving on their own, untraceable noises, the feeling of an unexplainable presence? Do you know any anecdotal stories about ghosts or hauntings in Conwy?

You can email us with your stories and images abnf@hotmail.co.uk or by leaving us a comment on the stories page.

If you are available during the weekend of blinc Digital Arts Festival 22 & 23 October, we’d like to be able to conduct some interviews for our archive, so please let us know.

2 thoughts on “We want your Conwy ghost stories!

  1. i have one story she I stayed this week in a cottage for three days within the walls of Conwy. I am a professional photographer and I also have some unexplained anomalies on three images that I shot in raw format from the castle walls.

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