Fearsome Winter Feast

thirteenfridaysThe tenth of our thirteenfridays meals.
Tonight’s Menu –

Vengeful Vegetable soup – 13 Ingredient soup: Butter; Olive Oil; Carrot; Onion; Garlic; Celery; Potato; Lentils; Tomato Puree; Stock; Shitake; Champignon; Porcini.

Perillous Pasta Bake – 13 Ingredient pasta bake served with 13 slices of garlic bread.  Pasta; Onion; Celery; Fennel; Peas; Courgette; Garlic; Smoked River Cobbler; Olive Oil; Bay leaf; Thyme; Stock; Cheddar Cheese.

Beelzebub’s Brownies – 13 Chocolate and walnut brownies served with vanilla ice cream.

‘It’s so nice to see artists give something back’ Kirsten Hinks

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