Fiendish Franglais


The seventh of our thirteenfridays meals was designed and prepared by guest chef, Kirsten Hinks. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there so I missed out on this frighteningly good looking fare!

Tonight’s Menu –
Chilling Crostini Chevre – 13 goats cheese and fig crostini.

Portentous Poisson & Pomme Frites – 13 goujon of cod with 13 chunky chips and homemade tartar sauce.

Gateâu St Jude – puff pastry, chocolate and vanilla cream with 13 choux buns.  St Jude is the patron Saint of desperate cases and lost causes and his day is 28 October (the big storm forecast for this Sunday is called St Jude).

“It’s Halloween next week – I expect all three courses to resemble eye balls.” Kirsten Hinks

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