Invidious Italian


Our penultimate thirteenfridays meal –

Alarming Arancini balls – 13 Risotto and Mozzarella balls served with a tomato and basil sauce.

Spooky Spaghetti with Prawns – Italian style prawns and spaghetti with 13 ingredients – Spaghetti; King Prawns; Rocket; Baby plum tomatoes; Tomato Puree; Garlic; Dried Red Chili; Butter; Olive Oil; Lemon; Onion; Red Pepper; Sundried Tomatoes;

Terrifying Chocolate, Almond and Chestnut Torte – A rich dark chocolate torte made with ground almonds, orange, cinnamon and 13 roasted chestnuts, decorated with 13 roasted whole almonds. Served with extra thick fresh cream.

‘What are we going to eat on Fridays after next week?’  Kirsten Hinks

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