Our first thirteenfridays meal

Tonight’s menu

Antichristi – 13 devilishly good antipasti with 13 slices of jalapeno cheese bread

Frightfully fishy pie – (13 ingredients) salmon, river cobbler, smoked cod, king prawn, scallops, onion, chestnut mushrooms (13), shitake mushrooms (13), black pepper, 13floz stock, white wine, dill & topped with 13 slices of potato. Presented with 13 peices of roast squash, 13 peices of carrot and 13 broccoli florets.

Loki’s Lychee, raspberry and rose tart – (13 ingredients) 13 lychees, 13 raspberries, egg yolks, rose water, caster sugar, demerara sugar, butter, SR flour, wholemeal flour, almonds, walnuts, cream, 13 mint leaves.  Prepared by Kirsten Hinks

‘I wish it could be friday the thirteenth every week’ – Sam Knight

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