thirteenfridays: Lussinatt Smörgåsbord


Thirteenfridays: Lussinatt Smörgåsbord
Friday 13 December 2019



As we discovered when we began the thirteenfridays project in 2013, December 13 is
Lussinatt and we’ve been inspired to celebrate the festival again this year by creating a Scandinavian Smörgåsbord of 13 dishes.


This week we were joined by a guest, musician Sianed Jones, and we shared a range of dishes served buffet-style:

Beetroot & onion salad; Soused herring; Smoked salmon with mustard and dill sauce; Cucumber salad; Poached Salmon with dill; 13 Swedish style non-meatballs; Rye crispbread; Pickles; 13 slices of dark rye bread; Seaweed pearls; Lingonberry jelly; Jansson’s temptation; Herring & beet salad.


The table included 13 candles and we accompanied the meal with a 13 ingredient Glögg (a warm spiced wine with fruit and nuts) made with – Red wine; cloves; star anise; cinnamon; orange; lemon; prunes; raisins; bay leaf; cardamon; almonds; figs; currants


Following our savoury 13 smörgåsbord we nibbled 13 Swedish ‘fika’, sweet treats with coffee to finish.


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