The Tynllidiart Arms

As part of our project in Aberystwyth – The Seventh Room, we have been interviewing people in and around the town who have had experiences of ghosts or the paranormal. On Friday we visited Stuart Evans who works at Ceredigion Museum – the old Colosseum Theatre and cinema in Terrace Road.

We then went on to visit The Tynllidiart Arms in Capel Bangor just outside of Aberystwyth. There have been a number of strange incidents at the pub, including a photograph taken in 2004 in which a strange figure is captured sitting next to a customer at one of the tables.

Landlord Andy kindly suggested that we speak to barmaid Georgie who has had a few encounters with the resident ghost. Georgie told us some fantastic stories which were corroborated by both Andy and one of the pub visitors.

Apparently the ghost began to make its presence known when a pair of old baby shoes were discovered hidden inside a wall – when the shoes were moved the activity began. It is a very old custom to conceal shoes inside chimneys and walls, and considered very unlucky to remove them.

I took these images whilst we were setting up – I have had my camera since 2007 and I have taken thousands of images with it; I have to say I have never captured anything like these ‘orb’ like shapes before…the afternoon sun was strong and filtering in through the windows in shafts, but this misty effect was a surprise when I uploaded the pictures…

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