Abertoir awaits…

Absent but not Forgotten have been putting the finishing touches to our forthcoming contribution to Abertoir Horror Festival at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

The Seventh Room is an installation piece using video, sound, textiles, technical objects and furniture, influenced by the world of horror film and paranormal investigation.

We’ve been tweaking the sound today – there are a number of layers and soundscapes which have been mainly created using processed recordings from EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) sessions conducted in the Studio space which are overlaid with samples from the Vincent Price film, ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ which will be showing during the festival.

Come and visit the installation between 9 – 11 November – we’ll be open from the afternoon of 9th and then from 11 am – 12 midnight on Thursday and Friday.

We’re also showing a documentary piece ‘Tales from Aberystwyth’ in The Box at the Arts Centre between 8 – 13 November.

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